Congratulation on your engagement! This is an exciting chapter in your life and your wedding should be considered the happiest and most remembered day of your life.

Due to the level of service that I strive to provide to each couple, I limit the number of wedding that I book every year. This means I typically book 9-18 months in advance and fast.

In 2012 through the 2014 wedding season I will only be accepting approximately six per year to insure each couple get the best possible service and product. Many photographers burn themselves out doing 30 weddings a year, each wedding taking over 40 hours to plan, process, and deliver. Sadly, in these cases photographers become very hard to get a hold of, there is a delay in receiving images, and the clients in the end feel like they didn't get what they paid for. It is very important to me to make sure that each of my couples feel like they are the only couple I am working with. I will make myself available for questions day and night and do my best to make sure that your big day is everything you have dreamed of and more.



The first question that I ask my bride and groom is how they picture the memories of their wedding day. Most of you want to experience every moment. Take in the emotions, and remember them as they were in that moment, forever. That is where I come in. I am here to capture those moments for you without hours of posing and fluff. And do it well!

My goal is to make you as comfortable and relaxed as I can. I don't consider myself "the wedding photographer." I am an extension of the wedding party, here to make you happy and make the day the most memorable day of our life. I will be efficient and professional in my work, while applying an artistic touch to every picture and to each special moment that you will cherish forever. I have been known to come to the rescue in time of need, with extra bobby pins for the hair disaster, or "the tide to go pen" for the stain on the dress that everyone denies putting there. But most importantly I am there to turn these moments into art that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I customize every single wedding day to each individual Bride and Groom. It is completely up to you how you would like to display your art. That can be in a custom designed album, a large wall portrait, digital files, DVD slideshow, or canvas prints. I am here to help you decide what the best options for you are in a price range that fits you.
Commissioning fees start at $1800

If you are having a mini ceremony, eloping, or just need me for a couple hours please contact me for prices.

More info can be found in my Session Guide listed on the menu above.