If you want to learn more about the photography business, management, marketing or just want a super cool internship, then this is for you!

Epic Photography is accepting applications for  interns! The Intern will be responsible for some editing, designing, uploading, ordering and backing up files. Throughout the week the intern will help assist head photographer, Leah Nichole, with scheduling, accounts receivable, marketing, and other tasks that may be assigned from the studio located in Marion, IN.

Will I have an opportunity to take photos as part of this internship?

Probably. We mainly are looking for more of a business minded individual who may have a passion for photography. You will be welcomed to second shoot any session during your time with us as long as previous on assignment responsibilities are complete. Part of this internship will consist of office work that is required to run a photography business such as editing and designing, uploading images online, and scheduling shoots, but you will also get to experience hands-on with sessions. However, being present at shoots, setting up lights, and helping in general will give you a wealth of knowledge. 

What if my program has more requirements for internships?

No problem. We will be glad to provide any information, reports or evaluations, required for you to obtain high school or college credit for this internship and are willing to comply with guidelines your program has set forth. 

Do I need to be apart of an internship program at my school to apply?

NOPE. We have had many interns come in who did so just because they wanted the super cool experience of working for a small business in the photography industry. We even had a HS student come up from Florida a couple years ago for the summer to work with us. We had a blast! and is changed her life!

Do I get paid?

Internships usually START as a unpaid position. I will provide senior sessions to my Junior and Senior interns as well as products a discounts. Paid positions have potential to develop from the internships based on performance.


How long does the internship last?

This depends on a coupe of factors. Talk to us. Let us know what your timeline looks like and what your requirements are (if any.)


What are the hours?

We alternate between our Marion studio and our Broadripple studio. Hours would vary depending on your availability, flexibility, and likely be biweekly. There may be some weeks we work remotely as well meaning you can complete necessary tasks at home. 


When would I start?

This depend on many factors as well, we are always looking for amazing people to join our team and welcome to our family. 



Place orders
Develop procedures for sorting, organizing and posting photos on our computer and the web/Facebook;
Prepare orders
Help workshop speakers with audio-visual needs – PowerPoint, projectors, etc.
Assist during workshops
Other duties as assigned; which may include, but are not limited to, writing and posting updates to Facebook and Twitter; culling sessions and processing them in PhotoShop; and uploading photos to our website/Facebook.

Currently be enrolled at a high school, college, institute, or university in a photography program to apply as an intern OR an adult simply looking for an apprenticeship.
Demonstrated interest in the  photography industry, with an additional emphasis in business, communications, marketing or a related field a plus;
Excellent computer skills
Strong verbal and written communications skills;
Excellent social skills and must be comfortable speaking with clients both on the phone and in person
Your own laptop, photo editing software and a digital camera would be useful but not required.


Photography Intern/Apprentice Application process:

In addition to the requirements outlined above, to apply to be an intern or apprentice you must email the following to with the subject "Internship"

-Short explanation as to why you want the internship/apprenticeship

-A description of your qualifications and availability

-A short letter of recommendation from someone very familiar with your personal drive to succeed and your skills in the above areas, such as a teacher, professor, or faculty adviser OR someone close to you. (this doesn't have to be fancy)


Out of state interns may also apply. Please contact us directly in regards to room and board.

We look forward to going over these applications. Good luck!